Dragon and Tiger Mountain (Lung-hu shan), Jiangxi Province

Dragon – Tiger Mountain and Tao Temples 

The past couple weeks have been busy with work in the ceramics studio and settling into a daily routine.  The West Virginia University group took a day trip to Dragon-Tiger Mountain (Lung-hu shan) in Jiangxi Province with Laura Hu, Pottery Workshop Education Center Director, as our very capable guide.  The region is known as a cradle of Taoism – a religion with its origin in China.  Taoism has a pantheon of deities with the Jade Emperor reigning supreme. Numerous temples are situated in a landscape of Danxia geologic formations consisting of many spires of eroded red rock. We visited several temples,  rafted the Lu Xi River, and hiked the cliff-side catwalk which provided breathtaking views.

Dragon Tiger museum
Dragon and Tiger Mountain Museum and Visitor Center


Shangqing Palace_Lingxing gate
Shangqing Palace with Ting Dynasty Lingxing Gate


Jade Emperor temple
Jade Emperor Temple


Prayer tree
Tree festooned with prayer ribbons





Rafting the Lu Xi River