Artist Statement

DSC_7734My primary focus for the past 20 years has been public art. My ceramic tile public artworks are an expression and response to the people and environments where they are installed. Often, I involve the creative energies of the community in the creation of ceramic tile murals and sculptures. I have received numerous grants and awards resulting in the placement of artworks in parks, community centers, and public schools.

In addition to public works, I also create smaller pieces for exhibition and personal enjoyment. My landscape and nature images are a celebration of the cyclical rhythms of the Chihuahuan desert. I have grown to appreciate both the timeless and temporal aspects of the desert during nearly 30 years of residence in Southern New Mexico. I hope the viewer of my work will be reminded of the inherent beauty in nature.

My appreciation for nature and the quest for universal, simplified patterns have a long history in Eastern arts, especially in the decoration of ceramic forms. The making and use of handcrafted pottery rooted in tradition and inspired by nature provides a sense of grounding and practicality in my daily life.

–Glenn Schwaiger